Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Ready Set Learn!

It was like an early Christmas present! The Parent Bloggers Network so kindly sent Paz's Radio Control Fire Truck to the 3 little boyz In the Trenches.

30 minutes later, after I wrangled with the packaging to free the fire truck and remote control from their twist ties, screws and cardboard constraints (why? oh why?), the boyz were set loose with their new toy. With strict instructions to TAKE TURNS.

Eldest (age 6) could maneuver the controller with no help whatsoever. He whizzed the fire truck around and made it chase after his brothers.

Middle (age 3) needed a little help at first, but once his big brother showed him how it worked, he was able to work the remote with very little supervision.

And even Baby (age 2) was able to have a turn. That is, once he figured out that the remote controller was NOT, in fact, a telephone. Even now, a few weeks later, as the novelty of the new toy has worn off, Baby is the one who still plays with this the most. So while the age recommendation is for 3+, if you have a younger child with older siblings, he or she will most likely be able to play with this independently.

The flashing lights and siren noises are an added bonus. Because you know how children are thrilled with toys that make noise! The only complaint my boyz had was that the figures included with the fire truck (Paz, Pig, Dog and Rabbit) don't stay securely in the ladder on the top. This frustrated them.

Buying a product from Discovery Channel Toys is a safe bet. While a little pricey at $34.95, you can rest assured that the product will not only be educational but high quality as well. The Radio Control Fire Truck does not disappoint.