Wednesday, June 25, 2008

A Giveaway! *Updated with Winners*

*Contest now closed. The 2 lucky winners (drawn from are....comments #8 and #36:

Moosh in Indy (she's seriously on a lucky winning streak!) and Kaza.

Every time I enter a Home Depot, I have flashbacks to when I was pregnant with Eldest. We moved into our Trenches in May 2001, so those summer months were spent painting, decorating and fixing.

Thus entailing many trips to, and many hours in, that big orange store.

That big orange store with horrific looooooong aisles, devoid of restrooms anywhere in the immediate vicinity, for a swollen pregnant woman to waddle down.

A nesting pregnant woman who wants to buy baby things! and baby clothes! and baby gear!

NOT paint, door locks, light fixtures, etc.

Yeah, Home Depot is still hell on earth for me.

But! You're in luck! What is my hell may very well be your heaven.

Home Depot is graciously allowing me to give away two (2!) of these Home Hero DC Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Combo Alarms ($50.00 value).

So protect your Trenches and your family through this wireless interconnected system!

How to win? Simply leave a comment below. Remember, no blog address or no valid e-mail address = no winning for you!

Good luck! 2 winners will be picked at random on July 15th.

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