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Loose Girl *Updated With Winner!*

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I have to admit, my childhood was pretty idyllic. I lived with both parents and 3 younger siblings in a middle class household in a small town village in the middle-of-nowhere New York state.

I think I still played with Barbie dolls in 6th grade. And even (still) went trick-or-treating in 8th grade. Gah.

However, Kerry Cohen's childhood? Notsomuch. A product of the 80's divorce trend, she looked to males for attention and validation.

In her book Loose Girl: A Memoir of Promiscuity, Kerry Cohen writes with rawness about her sexual escapades and the chain of events in her life that lead her to sleep with "close to 40 boys and men".

We all know "those" types of girls (slutty, easy). Hell, maybe some of us have even been "that kinda gal".

She unravels her past with powerful words and memories. Here's an excerpt as she describes a brutal sexual experience:

"What are you doing?" I try to push him away, but he is strong...Panic floods my body...The thought comes: This cannot be happening...Just as I think it, though, I become calm. Numb. The situation is also so familiar, the feel of my underwear sliding off my hips, a person I barely know hovering above me. I don't think the word "rape." I won't associate that word with this moment for many, many years. Perhaps this is why I don't scream or yell out. I whisper instead, "Don't."

But he does anyway...Up, down, up, down...It doesn't matter. Why does it matter? It's just one more guy. Just get through it. All you have to do is get through it...Up, down, up, down...

I don't tell anyone for many, many years. As far as I know, there is nothing to tell. I had sex again.
Yet ultimately, the author's self-destructive sexual path eventually leads her to an inspiring awareness of her very own mind, body and soul.

Kerry Cohen is now a married mother with 2 sons. In her acknowledgments, she thanks them and jokingly writes that she hopes they will forgive her "for writing a book for all their friends to read about their mother's sex life."

Here's to a riveting memoir and to all of us finding meaning in the paths we've chosen.

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