Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Giveaway! MaximumLash Eyelash Conditioner *Updated with Winner!*

Congrats to Michele!

I have the puniest, thinnest and sparsest eyelashes known to man.  (I'll spare you a closeup picture.  You're welcome.)  And of course, my 3 darling boyz were blessed with thick, gorgeous eyelashes.  WHAT A WASTE.

So when I was contacted to review this "high performance formula" that would help my natural lashes appear "healthier, longer and stronger", I couldn't resist giving it a shot.

I have been applying MaximumLash at night for about 2 weeks now.  It doesn't bother my eyes even when I'm wearing my contacts.  And honestly?  I've already noticed a difference.  My eyelashes seem to be a bit thicker and darker.  Applying mascara in the morning is easier because it seems like there's more to work with.  Truly.

MaximumLash was kind enough to let me host a giveaway!  To win your own 3-month supply (1 bottle) that retails for almost $50, simply leave a comment below (please include a valid e-mail address with your comment) and tell me what color your eyes are.  (Mine are brownish hazel.)  Winner will be drawn on Monday, June 28th.

You're Not the Boss of Me! *Updated with Winner!*

Congrats to Rita!

You're Not the Boss of Me:  Brat-Proofing Your 4-to 12-Year-Old Child is certainly a handy manual to have around my Trenches these days.  Ahem.

With specific chapters on building empathy, independence, respect, honesty, self-reliance and gratitude, what parent couldn't use Betsy Brown Braun's insight?

(Unless you think your children are never brats, that is.  In that case, I want to know what life is like there in your little fantasy world.  Heh.)

The chapter that resonated most for me, at this point in time, was the chapter on "Eliminating Spoilage in Your Child."  Safe to say, my boyz are indeed spoiled.  No, they don't know the value of money.  Yes, they are materialistic. 

"Here's the truth of the matter:  Spoiling your child has more to do with parents than with children.  After all, your child wasn't born spoiled, was he?  It's not his fault.  The good news is that while you may be the root of the problem, you also hold the key to the cure." (p. 183)
Thanks to this book, we are on our way to "reducing the gimmes" in my Trenches this summer.  Chores will be set.  And allowances will be earned.

How about you?  Need some "brat-proofing" tips?  Simply leave me a comment below (please include your valid e-mail address)  to win this helpful parenting guidebook!  Winner will be drawn on Monday, June 28th. 

***I wrote this review while participating in a blog tour campaign by Mom Central on behalf of HarperCollins and received a copy of this book to facilitate my review.  I'm paying for the postage to send it on to you.