Tuesday, August 3, 2010

On Personal Microderm

When SkinCareRx contacted me to see if perhaps I would be interested in reviewing a home microdermabrasion kit, I didn't have to think twice.  Uh...HELLS YEAH!  My 37-year old sun-damaged, crow's footed, freckled face was primed and ready to see what the Personal Microderm System could do (or not do) for me.

So before I even got started, I had to watch a DVD.  For reals. 

Assembly of the product was quick and easy.  Place the disc on the shaft.  (giggling).  Place the cap over the disc.  Connect cord to unit (more giggling) and power supply and plug in.

Next, I washed and dried my face.

And then it was time for the moment of truth - the time to begin microdermabraiding (?) myself.

All cleansed and channeling Aunt Jemima with my hairdo. 

So to start, you pull your skin tight for a smooth surface, and keep the unit (heh) moving over your skin.  You should move the disc in upward and horizontal motions.

Focused on the forehead.  Not focused on closing extraneous closet doors, apparently.

Hey, this is kinda fun.  In a grossly weird sort of way.

So it kinda feels like you're vacuuming your skin.  And little white flakies come off.  (See the Wikipedia explanation of microdermabrasion here.)

And then?

I used the larger disc on my dry, scaly elbows.  And a chorus of angels began singing.

My elbows?  Became as smooth as little baby tushies.  I kid you not. 

All in all, I'm psyched to own the Personal Microderm.  Per the instructions, I will definitely be using it once a week.  But hopefully won't end up looking like this:

In conclusion:

Easy to use
Slough off dead skin in the privacy of your own home!
Cheaper than once-a-week microdermabrasion treatments at a spa

The price up front.  $180.
Having to order replacement discs.
Having to slough off dead skin in your own home.  On your own.  And safe to say, without the tinkly spa music and relaxed atmosphere.
Having to clean dead skin out of the cap and motor shaft.  (Giggle and then ewwwwww.)

Fine print:
Obviously I was sent this home microdermabrasion kit in exchange for a review.  The opinions expressed herein are mine, all mine.