Monday, October 25, 2010

Wendy's Pick Two!

Yes, my family eats fast food occasionally.  And while the boyz love Mickey D's (which is convenient because there is one right in our town), their favorite is Wendy's.  And Hubby and I ALSO prefer Wendy's because:

Who doesn't love a Frosty?


There are no disgustingly germy playplaces at Wendy's!

Win-win, I say.

But did you know?

Wendy's now offers a Pick 2 meal option for $4.99, allowing customers to choose one of four half-sized Wendy's salads, along with one of seven additional menu options.

- The new half-sized salads are also available as a stand-alone menu item for $3.99.

- The Pick 2 option offers 28 total combinations of menu items, and 18 of those combinations are 600 calories or less. All of them combine fruits, vegetables, nuts, dairy and proteins.

As a member of Boston Parent Bloggers, I was invited by The Motherhood to enjoy a Wendy's "Pick Two" lunch (full disclosure:  I was compensated for my time).

I chose the Baja salad and a diet soda...

Delicious!  (And a nice break from work to socialize with my blogging friends, new and old.)

Wanna "Pick Two" yourself?

Simply leave a comment below to win three (3!) $7.00 gift cards from Wendy's.

Winner will be drawn on Friday, October 29th.