Monday, October 1, 2012

Mr. Lid

I was thrilled to be able to review this storage solution called Mr. Lid

Here's why:

THIS is my tupperware.  Random, messy, and unorganized.  And do you think I can EVER find a proper-fitting lid to match?


Well, enter Mr. Lid!  (*said in cheesy infomercial voice*)

Stackable!  Attached lids!  Perfect for the kids' lunches!  Spill-proof!  BPA-free!  Made in America!  Perfect for NOT LOSING THE LIDS.

I'm sold.

The second I received the complimentary Mr. Lid bundle for purposes of this review, I threw aside all my other NON-MATCHING tupperware and lids.

They are currently available on the website, and will be available in stores later this month!

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