Monday, August 27, 2012

I know, I still feels like summer out, right?

But yet, fall is juuuuuust around the corner.  As evidenced by the fall and Halloween displays already set up in stores.

I don't want candy corn yet!  I still want popsicles!


My boyz (and I) get totally excited when it comes to thinking about Halloween costumes though.  That's why I jumped at the chance to review a product from  Even though it still seems eons away.

I set Middle and Baby up at the computer to look at the site.  It's totally easy to navigate and we went right to Kids Boy Costumes. 

I love that you can also narrow down this category by Theme.  Middle, my couch potato, was drawn to the TV/Movie Costumes while Baby, who is too big for his britches at age 7, was fascinated by the gory Scary Costumes (yuck!)

We ultimately decided to go with Austin Powers for Middle, in the hopes that Baby would follow suit and be persuaded to be Mini Me or Dr. Evil (to no avail).

When the costume arrived, Middle was grinning ear to ear.  The size medium fits him perfectly and all we need to complete the look are these:
..and this wig:

So check out  You will definitely find what you need for trick-or-treating!

I was sent a costume of my choice to facilitate this review.  All opinions expressed are my own.

Mommy Mixology

Hey Moms!  Need a cocktail for every calamity that happens in your Trenches?  Well, author (and fellow blogger at Janet Frongillo has just the recipes for you in her book, Mommy Mixology

The book features more than 60 recipes with color photos and trust me, the cocktail names are hilarious!

I mean, what mother of boys doesn't appreciate a smooth Penis Colada?

Or how about an Emergentini after that first ER visit?

And come on, how many of us haven't LONGED for to slurp down a STFU Slushie after a long day with the kids?

This book would be perfect for a baby shower or new mom gift!

I was given a copy of the book to facilitate this review.  All opinions expressed are my own.

Body Back

Don't we all need a guide for our medical, physical and emotional well-being?

Body Back:  Helping You Feel Like a Woman Again by Heather Porter is just that.

With a forward written by the author that instructs:  "Get your body back.  Get your mind back.  Get YOU back.", this manual is chock full of helpful hints, tips and advice for women who have forgotten to put themselves first.

Ummm...I'm still working on getting my body back after childbirth.  And *cough* my Baby is now SEVEN.  That's a lotta years of my health and fitness taking a backseat.  Even now.  Even though my children are older.  Even though I keep starting and stopping my running routine.  The scale doesn't lie.  But I do.  I lie to myself when I don't watch my food portions.  When I put off that dermatologist appointment.  When I neglect to exercise.


Reading this book is a good first step in the right direction.  I urge you to read along with me.

I was given a promotional copy of this book to facilitate this review.  All opinions expressed are my own.